Oak-I Science and Technology Organisation Holds Senior and Middle Level Meeting in the Second Quarte

2019-09-11 09:24:16

On July 28, 2019, Oak-I Technology held a high-level and middle-level orientation meeting in the second quarter of 2019 in the conference room on the second floor. A total of 23 people participated. Chairman Zhang Zehui attended the meeting.

Firstly, Wu Jianying, assistant general manager and marketing Minister of the recently transferred marketing company, Fu Guangguang, director of post-processing section, and Liu Yanli, Deputy Minister of quality assurance, took the oath.

Subsequently, the participants completed the work one by one in the second quarter, the existing problems and the focus of the next stage of work were described. In accordance with the group's requirements, the meeting will be held in the form of a symposium in the light of democratic life. Other participants put forward rationalized opinions and suggestions on the problems existing in the work of the staff members. Everyone spoke freely and openly. They offered suggestions for the development of Oak-I science and technology on their own initiative and strengthened communication and exchanges.

At the end of his presentation, Chairman Zhang Zehui made an important speech. He affirmed the form and effect of the meeting, and proposed that communication and transposition should be strengthened in the work. It is required to re-study "two-line and three-heart" in an all-round way and to carry it through to the end, taking "two-line and three-heart" as its working standard, working principle and guiding ideology. We should take the initiative to work, dare to innovate and be unreliable. We should further improve our work efficiency and enhance our execution. At the same time, training should be strengthened to improve the overall quality of the staff. From now on, embark on a new journey, out of the comfort zone. After the pains of change, new brilliance will surely be transformed.

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