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Ouyi Science and Technology was elected Executive Director of the New Rubber Plug Association

2019-09-11 09:26:48

On July 23, 2013, at the National Standard Seminar of the Medical Rubber Plug Association and the annual meeting of the Medical Rubber Plug Professional Committee, Hebei Ouyi Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ouyi Science and Technology) affiliated to Hebei Desheng Investment Group was elected as the Executive Director of the new Rubber Plug Association.

The two-day conference was sponsored by the Chinese Medical Packaging Association and hosted by Oak-I Technology. It was held at Zhongmaohai Hyatt Hotel in Shijiazhuang City. Feng Guoping, President of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, Cai Hong, Vice President and Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General Gao Yonghua, Wang Zhenguo, Director of Drug Registry of Hebei Pharmaceutical Regulatory Bureau and Wang Xiulan, Deputy Director, attended the meeting; 35 Jiaosaisheng companies, such as Shanghai Food and Drug Packaging Material Testing Institute, Hubei Huaqiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Representatives of production enterprises participated in the meeting.

One of the main agendas of the meeting was the election of a new Executive Director of the Rubber Plug Association. After hearing and reviewing the work report of the last rubber plug Association executive director unit, Hubei Huaqiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the meeting unanimously recommended Oak-I Science and Technology as the new rubber plug Association executive director unit. Wang Aiwu, General Manager of Oak I Science and Technology, made a speech on behalf of the new Executive Director Unit at the conference.

The meeting also heard the drafting units drafting the Standards for Quality Management of Pharmaceutical Rubber Plug Production, Guidelines for Material Balance Accounting of Pharmaceutical Rubber Plug, Guidelines for Implementing Quality Audit of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials and Containers, Synthetic Polyisoprene Rubber for Pharmaceutical Rubber Plug, and Synthetic Polybutylene Rubber for Pharmaceutical Rubber Plug. Description of the case. The participants discussed the draft standards in groups and decided to report the results of the discussions to the Chinese Pharmaceutical Packaging Association, providing a reference for the association to formulate industry standards.

Before the meeting, President Feng Guoping, Vice-President Cai Hong and Secretary-General, Director Wang Zhenguo and other leaders and representatives of participating units visited and inspected Ouyi Technology accompanied by Qin Hongyu, Executive President of Hebei Desheng Investment Group and Wang Aiwu, General Manager of Ouyi Science and Technology. The development speed and equipment level of Ouyi Technology were also discussed. The technical level has been highly evaluated.

During the meeting, Mr. Zhang Zehui, Chairman of Hebei Desheng Investment Group and Chairman of Oak-I Science and Technology, met with the leaders and had a friendly conversation with the representatives of the enterprises participating in the meeting.

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